Monday, July 23, 2007

Nokia N77: Watch your favorite TV channel on the move

Technology has come a long way and so the new age mobile phones. With camera, music and business features, mobile TV is a new buzz that has rocked the digital mobile world. In fact, I had never ever imagined TV feature in mobile phones. But its true, Nokia has launched a mobile TV phone – the Nokia N77.

It reminds me of those days (I mean, 1985) when few people had Television in their homes, fortunately, I was also one of them. It was my bulky Black and White TV that I used to watch. When my dad bought the TV, I with my brother and sisters used to watch each and every program, whether relevant or not.

Now, time has changed, and the Nokia N77 has really brought a new revolution in the mobile world. With this handset, you can watch your favorite TV channels, movies and videos on the move. With auto-setting, it enables you to watch your preferred channels at the touch of your fingertips. So, imagine, you are on the way and the cricket world cup is running live in a TV channel, you need not to ask any person, simply open your Nokia N77 TV feature and watch the world cup live.

I am really excited; I wanna buy this handset soon. My friend bought this handset and it’s quite affordable, at least I can afford it easily -- and so, you friends.

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