Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello.... ye smart phonwa ka hai bhaiya: Lallu Prasad Yadava

“Smartphones for smart people,” they say, the new digital world is more like that. Does that mean, these phones are only for those who are intelligent? But, why these high funda gadgets are often called as Smartphones? I took more pain to collect some valuable information from the Internet and in that journey, i also made some changes in my life to become more smart than i was before – so practically, i consider myself as a smarter person. Thanks to Google search engine where i got some valuable information, i was not aware of.

Now, come to Smartphones, as per my Internet searching capability, i have come to know that devices that are built on Symbian OS, Windows mobile platform, PDA functionality or have QWERTY keyboard are considered as smart – but what about those who do not have all these? Well, its a big question and only a politician can answer this question, or may be you readers who consider yourselves as a good interpreter. But, i still doubt for those big names in politics, as when the IT sector was booming, Lalu Prasad Yadav, the former chief minister of Bihar once said, “ye IT waiti ka hai ji?” So, you can guess how much knowledge they have.

I think i am kidding seriously... Ya, Smartphones are smart bcoz of their rich functionality. You can even replace your bulky computer or laptop and can harmonize your work and personal life with ease. I bought a new Smartphone – the Sony Ericsson P990i and now i finally got to know what really Smartphones are. If you wanna change your mobile lifestyle, then try it once and become smart like me.

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bipin said...

kaa bat hai phonwa main eetni saari qualiti hai ki counting na kail jaayee.

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