Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nokia N96 Versus Apple iPhone

Beauty with brain – yes, both Nokia N96 and Apple iPhone are enriched with advanced features. Though, Apple iPhone launched in the market with much hype, ripple and rumor, the Nokia N96 became famous automatically, as Nokia is the world leader in the global mobile market.

What if, you have to select one phone in the two options? Well, first of all compare the features and then decide.

Phone design: As far as design is concerned, I think Apple iPhone is more sophisticated in its look as compared to the dual slider N96.

Phone Memory: The Apple iPhone comes in two both 8GB and 16GB memory space capacity. On the other hand the Nokia N96 comes with 16GB of memory capacity plus you can add additional 8GB memory card. This memory expansion feature is not available in the iPhone.

Data transfer with Bluetooth: Nokia provides swift data transfer through phone-to-phone and phone to PC. This option is not available in the iPhone – you can only use Bluetooth rich handsfree.

Video calling: Again this facility is absent in Apple iPhone.

Battery life: Nokia N96 is good and there is no battery leakage problem unlike the Apple iPhone.

FM radio: Apple iPhone does not have an FM radio.

Display: The Nokia N96 has a 2.8” wide screen as against 3.5-inch display screen of the Apple iPhone.

Compare all the features and the prices as well. And then choose the right phone for you and your family.

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