Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello Apple iPhone – Is there any competition?

Call it a phone, a music player or a Web browser – Apple iPhone is a name that everyone knows including me. Though I haven’t still got a chance to see the phone with my naked eye, but I know all about the iPhone – this is what we call popularity. I still remember the anticipation expressed by fans before the release of the phone.

The so-called Apple iPod company – Apple Inc. began its foray in 29 June with the release of the Apple iPhone and all consumer crowds hardly could wait for the gadget. After much hype and attention, the phone, finally came in the hands of consumers. The most attractive feature of the phone is its touch screen and attractive looks. Moreover, consumers can expect the same music quality like an Apple iPod. Other high-end features include a 2.0 MP camera, advanced messaging, Bluetooth, EDGE, Wi-Fi and supports up to 8GB memory.

Since the phone price is very high – I can’t afford this phone for one to two years. After that if market price falls then Apple iPhone would surely be my first choice. I don’t know the selling potential of the phone in the world market – but it is for sure that the phone has got a huge popularity and it is the most sought-out product of 2007 in the Google search engine.

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