Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wanna block your mobile phone number???

There might be several personal reasons why you would wish to block your mobile phone number. That’s none of my business either. And, I am also not encouraging you for the same. But, if at any point of time, you come across a situation where you would have to block your mobile number, then these simple steps would definitely help you out.

Mobile phone number can either be blocked permanently or on a call-by-call basis. Ok, if you wanna block the number permanently then follow this single step: Simply call your customer care service provider and tell him to block the number. After doing this, your number will never show on anyone’s mobile phone.

For a call to call basis, you again need to call your customer care service provider and he will tell you some specific codes that you will have to type before the number you are blocking. But remember, you cannot block emergency numbers, afterall, it’s for your safety.

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