Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Apple iPhone and its counterparts

When Apple finally launched the most anticipated iPhone on June 29, millions of Apple consumers were waiting to have a first glance of the phone. The company has incorporated a mobile phone, a music player, and mobile Internet. But, as i heard, Apple rivals are also very much enthusiastic.

Let's compare what's more an Apple iPhone can offer as compared to its counterparts. First of all, lets compare the price. In the same line up Samsung's Ultra thin edition phone, though very much similar in functionality comes in a very low rate as compared to the iPhone. Other Smartphones like Blackberry, which is having a computer keyboard, Palm Inc. phones with mini-keyboard and touch-screen and many other devices are available at a very lower cost.

On the other hand, the new product is not a copycat, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took more than a year in designing and that's the reason why many of the phones in the same line up lack the iPhone's most known feature – a touch screen that enables users to dial calls, view Web pages with a touch of the fingertips.

I think the closest rival to an iPhone is the HTC Touch – a new Smartphone with touch-screen and also comes equipped with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Mobile software. Another clone to the Apple iPhone is the Nokia N95 – though it lacks a touch-screen feature, but a 5.0 MP digital camera with its unique dual slider design combined with all powerful features – its worth buying it. The N95 also offers GPS navigation system, which is absent in the Apple iPhone.

Another rival for the Apple iPhone is the joint venture of the LG Electronics and Prada. But, none of them can match the glamour of the Apple iPhone.

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